"Ruralities and (agri)cultures" is a compilation of five different photography works, each of them realised in a different country. It makes you travel from continent to continent, from hot regions to colder areas, from beach to mountain; but always with one thing in common : the lens never leaves the countryside.

This project tends towards collecting artistic images about certain rural populations; to show the differences and/or the similarities between the ways of living their culture, by their land. Because, at the end of the day, being a farmer is the most beautifull job of the world.

If there exist one element that joins every human being together, that is commom to everyone; it must be food. It seems very obvious to say it, but man and his food are closely bound together, even if they sometimes tend to grow apart because man gets farther and farther from the land. May it be because of population migrations, agriculture industrialization, the loss of relation between farmers and consumers, or any other reason...

My goal is not to document agriculture - but rather life itself. I invite you with my photographs to discover cultures, ways of living, faces, landscapes, intimate or communitarian moments. I invite you to breathe fresh air from the countryside, no matter where, and feel like home. I invite you to discover.

I chose to use the word "(agri)cultures" to highlight the fact that, if a plant universally needs the same physical elements to grow and live, it is fundamental to understand the link between agriculture and the context in which it finds itself. Each culture is based on key-elements, that often relate to the way people treat their soils. Because, for ages and centuries, the agriculture has determined the way othoctons live and has inspired them myriads of celebrations and customs. So these are for me two very closely bound aspects.

This work is potentially still in progress, because, as I am very interested by the matter, it could grow bigger with time. The countries currently included are :

- Ecuador, with the work "Miradas Quechuas", realised in 2011.

- India, with the work "A certain India", realised in 2012.

- Benin, with the work "Pace change", realised in 2013.

- Haiti, with the work "Kanpe", realised in 2014.

- Belgium (currently untitled)

These works (with the exception of the work on Belgium) are to be found on the sections opposite.